With the price of mobile phones skyrocketing, spare old mobile phone batteries are as hard to come by as ever. You may get them free, though. There are lots of places which have mobile phone recycling facilities where you could score some really great mobile phone batteries for free. Have one in your workplace, that periodically raid for spare batteries when they drop.

If you work in an office building and have multiple computers and a printer, the chances are that there will be a recycling facility within walking distance. It may also have a separate recycling unit. What you will need for this job is a power adaptor and a mobile phone batteries charger. The power adaptor is needed to connect the battery to the mains, whilst the battery charger connects to the charging module to pump charge into the battery.

The battery needs to be attached to a charging module. This has a primary connector port on one side and a secondary connector port on the other. There is often a ground wire that connects the two and to prevent short-circuit, an earth wire needs to be run around the edges. The reason why the secondary connector port is necessary is because the primary connector is intended to be in constant contact with the Earth. If the primary connector became disconnected, the mobile phone batteries charger would stop working, causing a complete dead-lock in the circuit.

Once the charging module is attached, set the battery capacity to the maximum it will go to. Normally the maximum battery capacity is 80 percent capacity. This prevents overcharging and prolongs the life of the battery. The cycle count tells us a lot about battery degradation. Each cycle represents one day of charge/discharge; the higher the cycle count the longer the battery will last.

If you want to maximize the lifespan of your mobile phone batteries and the performance of your phones, you should avoid using fast charging and rapid discharge. The fast charging prevents the natural charge cycle from happening and prolongs the lifespan of the battery. Rapid discharge causes too much heat to be generated, shortening the battery lifespan.

One way to increase battery life for mobile phones is to use fast charging systems that are designed for certain brands and models. These chargers will allow the phones to be charged within ten minutes of use. These chargers will also allow phones to be fully charged within five minutes of use. There is a separate component, which will charge the battery while you use the phone. This will ensure that the battery health is maintained and the phones will be in peak performance as well.