Android is the leading smart mobile operating system, which is used to run the majority of smartphones and tablet computers. The Android cell phone offers excellent performance for the user, as it offers a number of features which can be very useful. The Android cell phone optimizes the usage of the hardware and the softwares that are present on the mobile. The users get great entertainment from the excellent performance of the android phones, as it is the most exciting mobile operating system.

The android cell phones are available with a large variety of software such as the android navigation, the android email, the android music player, the android games, and many more. The android cell phones offer the users a unique experience by giving them the opportunity to access information on the internet very quickly. The android phones offer an interactive environment, which helps the users to enjoy more with their devices. The android cell phones offer excellent audio quality and a good visual display. The users can easily use their android cell phones with the android email application.

The android cell phone is the most commonly used communication gadget in the world. The android phones have a high-end design and offer a great visual experience. The android cell phone users can easily download the android apps to enjoy a better experience. The android cell phone users can also connect their gadgets to the internet using the Wifi technology. The android cell phone users can transfer the files and pictures with the help of the microSD card and this makes the camera more useful and user friendly.

The Google Nexus S is one of the best android phones. It is loaded with all the features that a user desires in a smartphone. The phone offers high-speed internet access, which allows the users to browse the web very easily. The camera allows the users to capture clear pictures, which make them look really elegant. The stock android phone offers a large and diverse interface that is easy to use and compatible with all the operating systems.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 comes out as the best android phones when it comes to performance and features. The device comes with an amazing 4.2 inch Super AMOLED screen that looks stunning and attractive. The Sony Ericsson opera arc is the perfect gadget for the budding photographer or for those who are into the photographic professions. This is the ultimate compact phone that allows you to capture and share excellent photographs easily.

Sony Ericsson’s Motorola RAZR-S has some excellent features in it. The camera is equipped with an excellent resolution, optical zoom, digital zoom and shutter speed control. The device comes with a memory card reader and an innovative file manager, which allow the users to manage their pictures, videos and music albums. The touch screen feature gives the users a powerful yet smooth operation and this is the best android phones in the camera arena. The camera comes with a large 3.2 inch screen that enables it to multitask and allows the user to take high quality images and videos without any problems.