A chat bot is a program that runs on a web server, acting as a human moderator of a user’s chat communication in online chat rooms. A chat bot is often confused with a robot because both have the same goal: to chat. However, a chat bot is not a robot. A chat bot is simply a software program used to run an instant on-line chat discussion through text-to Speech, rather than delivering direct eye contact with a real human administrator. This is different from web cam chat, which can deliver a visual image of what is being said in real time.

Bot makers released chat bots for various types of communication on the World Wide Web. In 2021, a bot developer released a bot called “Kiory” for members of the online forum called MetaBank. Within a few months, this chat bot was becoming wildly popular among chat users because it allowed them to customize the bot with special features such as customizing its name and gender and enabling the bot to be bilingual. The chat community went wild over the bot and soon there were websites dedicated entirely to chat bots. These websites continue to this day to enjoy a devoted following of users who enjoy the convenience of these chat bot programs.

With chat bot technology taking off, chat marketers are also embracing the newest technology available: the development of apps. Appealing to younger users, these chat bot programs allow users to chat on their phones. Because most chat programs allow you to see your chat bot on a “friends” page before joining and only show you when you join, bots on iPhones and smart phones allow you to see your chat bot on the “chatting” screen, so you know exactly how many people are on the chat bot at once. Bots for Facebook chat are similar, except they allow you to see the chat bot in its element on the actual website. Bots for the Firefox chat bot allow you to chat with friends and groups while on Facebook.

There are also chat bot programs for Facebook and Twitter. There are even companies creating chat bots for popular online communities such as MySpace, Facebook, and chat networks such as IRC. However, these chat bot applications are still fairly limited in comparison to live chat bots. However, this may soon change.

Recently, chat bot developers have been working feverishly on an artificial intelligence system that is capable of learning from its past mistakes and experience. This artificial intelligence bot is able to predict what will happen next in any chat room or forum, and prevent itself from getting stuck in a “bad situation”. Imagine what this could do for marketing strategies! This type of software is currently being developed and is not ready for use just yet. However, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are using their AI chat bot system to create software that can predict human behavior.

Artificial intelligent chat bots will allow internet marketers to use chat bots as marketing tools. The system allows a marketer to effectively set up a conversation, then let it go. When it comes back to respond, the bot has pre-programmed responses to each message. Unlike humans, chat bots don’t get tired of one topic, so they’ll stay around longer and be more effective in engaging users. This type of technology could be very beneficial for those in the network marketing industry, where keeping a customer happy is extremely important.

In addition to using chat bots as a tool for internet marketing, chat bot technology could be used in other ways. For example, if you owned a website about dogs, you could install chat bot software on your website and link it to chat programs like MSN Messenger, AIM and Yahoo Messenger. The website chat bot would keep users on your website updated with new information about upcoming events, dog breeds and more.

Chat bots are changing the way we interact with one another. These types of systems are very useful for businesses and other online organizations. Many people interested in artificial intelligence and chat bots are waiting for developers to take this technology to the next level. As the Internet of things increases, so too will all the exciting things that can be achieved with these new technologies.